it was fun
On an indefinite hiatus.

"...and the smoke that creeps off the tip of my cigarette and into the dim, scattered strands of light leaking off the moon, in through the clefts in the curtains, is much like my spirit trying to escape the burn of yesterday's presence."


fire on the rushing sea
a mix for unordinary lovers (x)

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Everything hurts and I don’t want to care about anything anymore.


New Avengers: Age of Ultron pictures from Entertainment Weekly.


GET TO KNOW ME MEME: favorite movies → pacific rim

you can always find me in the drift.


Raj Singh appreciation post.

The world is changed; none of us can go back.
All we can do is our best. And sometimes the best that we can do is to s t a r t o v e r.


Elizabeth Olsen by Andrew Yeefor the UK’s Guardian

« See? That is the thing with you Plastics. You think that everybody is in love with you, when actually, everybody hates you! Like Aaron Samuels, for example! He broke up with Regina and guess what? He still doesn’t want you! So why are you still messing with Regina, Cady? I’ll tell you why. Because you are a mean girl! You’re a bitch! »

Mean Girls released on April 30th, 2004

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